AW IP Locator

AW IP Locator

Atelier Web IP Locator (AWIPLOC) is an invaluable network tool
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AW IP Locator is a tool that will locate IP addresses geographically. Should you need to know where a certain server is physically located - for either security or marketing reasons – you will find this program helpful. You only need to enter the IP address you want to locate, and the program will display all the information related to it, such as the flag, name of the country, city and region where the server is physically located, the name of the ISP responsible for it, and the range of addresses it occupies.

AW IP Locator achieves this by querying its own geolocation database via the Internet, mounted on an industrial strength multithreaded ISAPI server that can support hundreds of simultaneous connections.

The program allows you to load IP addresses from a text file and query them all at once, with a maximum of 100 addresses per batch. The trial version of AW IP Locator will show you all the information regarding 20 IP addresses only; after that, your account will be disabled until you register.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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